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When your air conditioner stops working as well as it should—or, worse, breaks down altogether—it’s time to call for professional AC repairs. At Crew Home Services, our expert technicians have the tools, training, and skill to quickly diagnose all types of AC problems and carry out the necessary repairs. We understand that your comfort is important; that’s why we’re available for emergency AC repairs, after-hours calls, and same-day appointments. With over 12 years of industry experience, there’s no air conditioning problem we can’t handle!

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Signs You Need AC Repairs

If you try to turn on your AC and nothing happens, it’s pretty obvious that you have a problem. However, it isn’t always so easy to tell when your AC system isn’t working properly. If it’s particularly hot out, you may be wondering if your AC is broken or if it’s just not keeping up with your cooling needs. Either way, if your air conditioner isn’t keeping you comfortable, it’s a good idea to have a licensed professional take a look at it.

You likely need AC repairs if:

  • You can feel hot or warm air blowing from the vents - If you're not getting cold air from your AC there is either something wrong with your thermostat or your AC unit itself. Either way, call in our Humble AC repair pros and we'll get your AC back to cooling.
  • You’ve noticed moisture near the unit (indicates a leak) - This could either be because of a leaking water line or it's possible ice is building up on your unit and the ice melting creates extraneous water. Check that your air-filter isn't too dirty and obstructing proper airflow as that could create your icy situation.
  • The AC is emitting unpleasant and/or unusual odors - If you're smelling something rotten or the musky smell of mildew, it's possible you need duct cleaning. If something is burning then your Humble AC repair team should inspect your unit.
  • There are unusual noises coming from the AC - Small noises here and there are nothing out of the ordinary. But if it sounds like something has come loose, you're best off calling in the pros before your situation gets worse.
  • The humidity levels in your home/business are unusually high - Part of the AC's job is to rid your indoor environment of humidity, hence if you have high levels of humidity then your AC isn't doing its job.
  • Your utility bills have increased or are higher than normal - If your AC is constantly running to keep the thermostat happy, then it's working overtime. If your AC is working overtime, you might not notice it in your indoor air temperature, but you will notice it when you're paying your monthly utility bill.

At Crew Home Services, we are capable of handling a wide variety of air conditioning repairs. However, if we believe you will benefit more in the long-run (both in terms of comfort and cost savings), we will recommend AC replacement. Our team can provide you with new product recommendations, including both traditional systems and ductless mini-splits, as well as top-quality AC installation. We only offer our honest, professional advice and will never pressure you into buying something we don’t truly believe you need.

The Importance of AC Maintenance

While unexpected AC emergencies can happen at any time, one of the best ways to avoid problems with your system is to schedule routine maintenance. During a scheduled tune-up visit, our technicians will check and clean the indoor and outdoor coils, test the refrigerant levels, and ensure optimal air circulation and AC performance. With regular AC maintenance, you can make sure your system is working properly and avoid costly breakdowns. You’ll also help boost the overall energy efficiency of your air conditioner, meaning you’ll save money every month on your utility bills. Contact us to learn more about our maintenance plan!

We Are Always Available

For fast, reliable AC repairs in Humble and the surrounding areas, reach out to Crew Home Services. We offer both residential and commercial AC services, as well as emergency repairs so you can get back to enjoying a comfortable home right away.

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